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What’s written in the stars for you this month?
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Welcome to the merry month of May and happy birthday to the well-grounded Taurean women out there. Ahead, your cosmic weather forecast for this month by Canberra-based intuitive Karen James. Karen is an astrologer, reiki master, flower essence practitioner and tarot card reader with over 20 years’ experience. 

Karen’s reading for the month of May is filled with advice that relates to every star sign – with special, sign-specific mentions throughout. Read on for her intuitive guidance for May, and book a private reading with her via her FB page.  


May horoscopes with Karen James ✨

While we celebrate well-grounded Taurean women, this month sees a shift from earthy Taurus to the more light-hearted and sociable sign of Gemini. It’s not all free-floating fun though, as both Mercury and Saturn join Pluto in retrograde motion by the end of the month, bringing a period of review, reflection and perhaps a need to retrace your steps.

May opens with the Sun connecting strongly to Uranus – planet of revolution, known as the Great Awakener – in Taurus. This signals a new relationship to our beloved home planet, a rebirth in how we produce food, deal with our health and nutrition, and natural resources. On a personal level, it may be time to start a new healthier diet with more organic food grown closer to home. Perhaps it’s time to plant a vegetable patch or get into home composting. And do your bit for the food revolution.

Smart has never been sexier

Mercury on the 4th and Venus on the 9th speed up the tempo of the times as they jump into Gemini, with the airy trickster quickening minds and tongues. Chances are you’ll be wittier and more inclined to socialise. There’s a great vibe for writing or being persuasive in meetings, and a good time to connect with others through ideas – yes, smart is sexy. Curiosity brings new solutions to old problems.

Mars in Cancer brings a gentler attitude to activity and the physical body. You may find you are more aware of emotional stressors, and sensitive to your own and others’ need for inner security. Jupiter brings even more sensitivity when it moves in to Pisces from the 14th, plus a boost of faith and optimism. Jupiter expands what it touches; the spiritual and aspects of life will be in focus, so meditation or any activity that enhances your appreciation for the higher qualities in life will be well-rewarded.

Meanwhile, the Taurus new Moon occurs on the 12th, in harmonious aspect to Pluto. On a long- term mission to transform business and government as it transits Capricorn, Pluto in this configuration may (emphasis on may) bring some real action on climate change, or at least some restraint and review of the harm being done.

Time to rethink

As mentioned, both Saturn on the 23rd and Mercury on the 29th move into apparent reverse motion. It’s an opportunity to rethink an area of your life that has stopped working for whatever reason. Air signs – in this case Aquarius and Gemini – favour the realm of ideas and plans. What plans, especially related to work or career, may need some hard (re)thinking, clarification or effort to be communicated more effectively? Anything you work hard to improve now will pay off when the time is right to move forward.

In late May we begin eclipse season with the Sagittarius full Moon total lunar eclipse on the 26th. A lunar eclipse occurs when the shadow of the Earth passes across the Moon. Matters of faith, belief, and where we seek adventure as an inner or outer experience are highlighted. You are called upon to expand your horizons and look at how positive expectations can lead to greater outcomes. Unconscious emotional obstacles can be released and allow you to soar.

Stellar blessings, 


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