What’s in the stars for June…

Your astrological guide to the month ahead.
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Welcome to June, birthday greetings to all the Gemini lovelies (twice as many as they are the twins), and welcome to wintertime. 

Ahead, your cosmic weather forecast for this month by Canberra-based intuitive Karen James. Karen is an astrologer, reiki master, flower essence practitioner and tarot card reader with over 20 years’ experience. 

Karen’s reading for the month of June is filled with advice that relates to every star sign – with special, sign-specific mentions throughout. Read on for her intuitive guidance for June, and book a private reading with her via her FB page.  


June horoscopes with Karen James ✨

The cosmic skies are full of activity this month: Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all be giving us some inward-focused retrograde energy and there is a Solar Eclipse at the New Moon, plus some big planetary aspects.

The Sun whizzes through quick-witted Gemini until the 21st when it dives deep into the watery moon-ruled realms of Cancer. It’s also the solstice – the winter standstill of our annual transit around the solar centre. Until then, enjoy a buzzing social life and get moving on writing and editing projects as words and ideas will flow, perhaps too quickly. Make sure you record your brilliant insights otherwise they will be lost to posterity such is the speed of thought.

Time to slow down

Mercury the trickster and ruler of both airy Gemini and down to Earth Virgo is doing one of its three annual retrograde dances (I think it’s the rhumba) until the 22nd, giving us some time and space to revisit, revise and review our communication strategy. So slow down and join the dots if something is puzzling you. If you’ve been feeling misunderstood there are opportunities to clear the air and express your truth.

New Moon solar eclipse in Gemini on the 10th is the second part of the current cycle on the Gemini/Sagittarius nodal axis following May’s mammoth full blood moon eclipse. The darkness will have cleared and you will have greater understanding of where you need to go next. You will be surer of yourself and have jettisoned a huge mound of old baggage that was holding you back. The Moon’s shadow passes across the Sun’s disk – what, who or where are you still allowing to dim your light? Whatever is still hidden will be revealed.

Let your creativity flow

Venus swims into Cancer on the 3rd offering a lovely nurturing gentle energy to our personal relationships. With a beautiful aspect to Jupiter in Pisces there will be a flow of artistic and spiritual connections. It will be easy to talk with others and enjoy enhanced creative self-expression. With Neptune in Pisces too, we can tune into our dreams – the door to the numinous is wide open. Take care though as weird drug interactions and spaciness is the flipside of so much Piscean energy.

Mars finishes its swim through Cancer on the 11th then leaps into Leo. Mars starts June sensitive and shy then transforms into jaunty, joyful and romantic. A holiday in the Sun may be just what the Martian in us needs.

Change is in the air

Saturn in Aquarius is also on a ‘go back over it’ mission. Look at your interactions with authority figures: can you network with high achievers to help your career or help another person to reach their potential? Saturn is also involved in this year’s major aspect – the square to Uranus in Taurus. It’s exact on June 14th but will be intense all month – we are learning how to ground our new freedom and challenging the status quo to change and change fast. Enjoy the ride…

As ever, stellar blessings, 


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