July horoscopes: what’s in the stars this month?

Your astrological reading for July…
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Welcome to July, happy birthday to all the gentle Cancerian women! 

Ahead, your cosmic weather forecast for this month by Canberra-based intuitive Karen James. Karen is an astrologer, reiki master, flower essence practitioner and tarot card reader with over 20 years’ experience. 

Karen’s reading for the month of July is filled with advice that relates to every star sign – with special, sign-specific mentions throughout. Read on for her intuitive guidance for July, and book a private reading with her via her FB page.  


July horoscopes with Karen James ✨

We can all enjoy the enhanced sensitivity and emotional connection while the Sun transits the sign of the Crab until 22ndJuly. After that, prepare for some fireworks and drama as Leo season begins.

During July, fleet-footed Mercury zips speedily through the last degrees of Gemini after its long visit in its own sign. It moves into Cancer on the 12th, then leaps into Leo on the 28th. Our ideas are getting several shake-ups and our mental focus will change rapidly. 

Venus has already moved into Leo, so warm-heartedness and romance are in the air until the 29th. With Mars also in Leo until then be prepared for some drama, and the urge to achieve goals quickly, despite obstacles and setbacks, of which there will be many.

By the end of the month, both Venus and Mars move into Virgo, sign of the harvest, the great goddess and a more grounded spirituality. More on that next month… 

New Moon rising

July’s New Moon is in Cancer on the 10th. A new moon sees the Sun and Moon join forces – there is a solar quality to this lunar renewal. Cancer is Moon-ruled, so there is a push/pull quality present. We may gain some valuable insight into past emotional patterns, it’s an opportunity to be more objective about our inner workings. Be kind and sensitive to yourself and others – you may experience a major breakthrough if you can just ‘let it be’.

There is still a lot of tricky astro to navigate, but both Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces provide a little gentleness and help us tune into the higher realms to rise above (or swim beneath) the stormy seas. By the 29th however, Jupiter moves back into Aquarius, changing the watery emphasis to an airier element. 

Prepare for conflicting rules

Jupiter is rejoining Saturn in the sign of the water-bearer, opposing Mars and Venus in Leo. Expect some see-sawing in the social and political realm – for example, contradictory rules and regulations about how we are able to interact in public, also shutdowns may happen and then be reversed quickly – don’t be surprised by contradictions. Avoid pointless confrontations, they are no-win situations. People are likely to hunker down in their own beliefs. Stay grounded and take care of resolving your own internal contradictions.

Jupiter and Saturn are the planets of society and the super-ego. Both in Aquarius emphasise the restrictions imposed for the good of the group. Leo is the sign of the individual, so, unsurprisingly there will be continued tension between personal and collective needs. 

Interesting times…

The Full Moon occurs on the 24th in Aquarius, opposite the Sun. Once again, we see the opposites of the self (and perhaps selfishness) opposed to the common good. Remember we are moving rapidly into the age of Aquarius, so this transition phase will be very interesting. It’s more important than ever to consider both ends of this polarity and find some middle ground, the balance point on the see-saw.

Remember the old proverb: May you live in interesting times. We are well and truly in such times.

As ever, stellar blessings,

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