How to instantly boost your happiness, from a Canberra wellness expert

We all need this RN.
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It’s kind of an understatement to say that times have been tough lately. With life effectively on hold, being housebound with nowhere to go and no one to socialise with, iso life is getting us down. There’s the constant worry of our health being under threat, and also the unsettling change to our daily routines and weekly habits (when will MECCA reopen!?). Change is hard at the best of times, and these are not the best of times…

Whether life is too noisy from constant news updates, you’re feeling family or relationship stress, or work and financial pressure – there’s no denying there’s a lot going on. And it’s got us thinking: is there a way to instantly increase your happiness?

We asked wellness expert Wesley Smith, director of Live Well Spa & Wellness Centre in Canberra. Wes and his team have what we would call a cult following in Canberra – he’s pretty much a guru when it comes to all things wellness and natural health. And, as it turns out, he has a mood-improving secret.  

“The quickest and most profound way I know to boost your happiness is to mediate,” he tells onthecover. “Mediation is a tool that swaps anxiety for peace, overwhelm for clarity, and worry for happiness.”

Not sure where to start? Tbh, neither were we. Inner peace and happiness seem like a big ask. But there’s much more to mediation than you might think.

“Our minds are geared to solve problems, but some problems, like a global pandemic for example, are just too big to solve, and leave us in a constant state of unease. Someone wise once said: Silence is the birthplace of happiness. You can teach your mind to notice the silence instead of the thoughts, and almost like magic, the happiness flows back in. Just like on a cloudy day the sun is still shining, you just can’t see it until there is a crack in the clouds.” 

Interested in giving it a shot? Wes is running live, online mediation training classes, check out Live Well for details and dates.

We also found a few more mediation options that fit into any schedule and lifestyle. You never know, it might just help you through these overwhelming days, and give you an instant boost of inner happiness.

Sign up for a one-week beginners course with Wes (at a fraction of the usual price!) and enjoy a break from the noise – plus you’ll be supporting a local business, too. 

You may have heard of this app before – there’s a reason it has a dedicated following. Headspace is an easy place to start: the guided mediations don’t only focus on stress, mindfulness, or managing a busy brain, but can even help with a better sleep at night. And we could all use that!

Gaia is perfect for beginners and offers an array of courses. If you’re running short on time, there are many short lessons to listen to that will fit in with your schedule.

Some classes are free, some you have to get a membership for. But take a browse over this colourful website that has meditation, teaching, and yoga classes that cater to people of all ages.

With this website, you’ll have to put down a couple dollars; although, the classes and recorded workshops go in depth, specialising in wisdom and health to master effortless stillness.

The Mindful Wellbeing program also runs over 8 weeks to help calm, clear, and focus your mind in order to not only balance your inner thoughts, but help you have fuller engagement in life.

There are many classes on Udemy, but this mindfulness and stress reducing course is a great one. The curriculum is 12.5 hours and spans over 8 weeks, but taking it day-by-day might be just what you need to help slow down.


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