Your December astrology reading is here… ✨

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Welcome to December, girls. The year ending is upon us, and what a year it’s been. For your detailed astrological report of what to look out for this month, we’ve got Canberra-based intuitive Karen James on the case. Karen is an astrologer, reiki master, flower essence practitioner and tarot card reader with over 20 years’ experience.

Karen’s reading for what’s in store for December if filled with advice that relates to every star sign – so read closely! There are also special mentions for certain signs highlighted throughout, with an extra special note for our Sagittarius birthday girls!

Read on for intuitive guidance for the month of December, and book a private reading with Karen through her FB page for more. 

The Zoe Report

December horoscopes with Karen James ✨

Do you remember last December? Smoke, heat and fires, an air of impending doom, heralding a year no one was really prepared for. 2020 ends with a major change that astrologers have been looking into for some time, the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius on the Solstice – December 21st.

Jupiter and Saturn join up every 20 years, heralding a new economic cycle. This month’s meeting is the first in an Air sign for 500 years, and signals the completion of the Earth sign cycle that began at the start of the Victorian era, so, yes, the entire period of capitalism as the world’s major economic system. Beginning a new cycle in Air is a major shift of emphasis, but the change will not happen all at once. The powers that be will not easily surrender their privileges. They will, however, be superseded.

Change is in the air

Aquarius is the sign of humanity, the group, innovation and technological and other forms of inventiveness. Ruled by Uranus, it is the sign of revolutionary change and disruption of the old order. The signs of new thinking are all around us: young people are leading movements to innovate energy production, to take meaningful action to reverse and prevent climate change and species extinction, plus making new ways of relating and working together.

It’s time for renewal, for the creation of systems that serve humanity as a whole, not just an over-privileged few. With Uranus in Earth sign Taurus until 2025, expect a new relationship between people and planet, too. Food production and distribution are likely to get a major shake-up. Globalism will not be reversed, but the slogan ‘think globally, act locally’ will gain a whole new depth of meaning. Debt forgiveness and action to alleviate poverty around the world are likely results of a new focus on fairness.

Birthday wishes

That’s the big stuff, on the home front a big ‘Happy Birthday Sagi-Wagies!’. It’s time to enjoy some (extremely) well-earned relaxation, play and socially distanced partying. The heaviness of the past few months with so much emphasis on Earth is passing. Kick up your centaur heels and be free!

Mercury and the Sun traverse Sagittarius for most of the month fostering some major goal-setting amidst the celebrations. Where is your arrow of intention taking you in 2021? Dream big, aim high – thinking small is NOT a Sagittarian quality.

Venus completes the run through Scorpio mid-month, so until then intensity and emotional truth in relationships creates value – then kick back, enjoy and relax. December’s New Moon is on the 15th – it’s an eclipse, so expect more unexpected revelations. It’s also a great moment to make the initial move in your new year plans.

The month and year end with a Cancerian Full Moon on the 30th. Home, family, nurturing and the familiar are all lit up. Enjoy getting in touch with your roots – a strong foundation will set you up well for a really big 2021.

Happy New Year, Merry Christmas – celebrate well, whatever you celebrate.

Cosmic blessings,


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