August horoscopes: what’s written in the stars this month?

Your astrological guide to the month ahead.
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Welcome to August, happy birthday to the lovely lionesses – enjoy your Leo-time celebrations! 

Ahead, your cosmic weather forecast for this month by Canberra-based intuitive Karen James. Karen is an astrologer, reiki master, flower essence practitioner and tarot card reader with over 20 years’ experience. 

Karen’s reading for the month of August is filled with advice that relates to every star sign – with special, sign-specific mentions throughout. Read on for her intuitive guidance for August, and book a private reading with her via her FB page.  


August horoscopes with Karen James ✨

The Sun, ruler of Leo, is in the sign of the Lion – regal and romantic until the 22nd. Make sure you have some fun, enjoy some play time and, if you can, actually go to the theatre and enjoy some real play-time. Leo is the sign of actors so if you need to step onto your personal stage be prepared to shine like the sun, shedding brightness and light to all around you and basking in much-deserved admiration for your talents and skills. From the 23rd the sun hustles into Virgo – power time for getting organised and taking practical steps to bring your Leo dreams (but not dramas) to fruition.

Zippy Mercury also starts the month in Leo, with both planets joining up on the 1st to start the month with a bang – expect fun and fireworks, and maybe even a romantic communication, flowers, or an exciting invitation. Mercury flits into Virgo by the 12th, grounding our communications and is great for study, writing and reviewing, until it enters Libra on the 30th.

Time to get real

Venus spends the first half of August in Virgo, asking us to get real about what we value and put our time and effort into. Being discerning and winnowing out the chaff from the grain is beneficial to your well-being. From the 16th Venus enters Libra, sign of beauty, balance and relating well with others. Libra is a Venusian sign, bringing us appreciation of the good things in life and opportunities for love and partnership.

Mars is also in Virgo, showing us how to take action to fulfil our purpose and plans. Just remember, perfection is an ideal but not a goal that’s achievable in the real world, so allow for some human error and you’ll get where you need to be.

Jupiter, traditionally seen as bringing good fortune to all it touches, has just re-entered Aquarius, moving backward (retrograde) after a brief visit in Pisces. Aquarius is the sign of friendship, so a friend may prove helpful, or being involved in a group endeavour could bring successful outcomes.

Realisations abound

Saturn is also retrograde in Aquarius. We are going over old ground and learning what we may have missed the first time around. This is very much related to requirements for social distancing and stricter lockdowns. We are realising that the situation is serious (a definite Saturn theme), that we need to be sensible and realistic, not overly optimistic. Being disciplined will bring greater rewards in the long run.

Uranus, planet of change and revolution, moves retrograde by the 20th. Also, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron are retrograde too: there may be frustration at the slow pace of change. The big challenge is whether we can collectively learn the lessons we have so far missed so we can all move forward together when the time is right.

This month’s new moon is in Leo on the 8th, and the full moon is in Aquarius on the 22nd. It is the second full moon in the sign of the water bearer – shining a light on the means of healing the collective. Freedom (Aquarius) to be an individual (Leo) and to contribute to the community or group (Aquarius) is the creative challenge now.

Stellar blessings,



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