Mastering the art of the indoor plant

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Here at onthecover, we admit that we have many loves, but interior-wise anything that freshens up a space in seconds we can’t get enough of! If you’re wondering how you can bring light and life into a room – even if natural light is limited – we have the answer.

The renaissance of the indoor plant craze from the ‘70s has certainly been for the better. Like freshly cut flowers, no matter the size, an indoor plant can completely reinvigorate how you perceive your space. In the same way natural light streaming through a window is a focal point of the room, shifting our attention from our general clutter, a fresh addition can help your space appear cleaner and lighter.

With lush foliage and some stunning designer plantware, this simple introduction of flora will enhance your desired aesthetic but can also help inspire your inner styling goddess.

Plants with benefits

Bringing a bit of outdoors in, isn’t just good style, it could change your life. Plants are natural air purifiers and deodorisers and are said to promote concentration and serenity as well as improve memory retention. What’s not to love?!

Using life to fill a dead area is not only an efficient use of space but can make a room appear larger. Hanging plants draw the eye up making the ceiling appear higher, taller plants have the same effect and also shift your perception of scale within the space. Play with levels too, think multi-leveled clusters filling unusable corners.

From delicate air plants to an indoor tree, any size can be effective. Consider the scale of the space you’re using, and the eventual growth, but feel free to change the location (maintaining conditions) as they outgrow a space.

The trend du jour

The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, a more fussy indoor plant, has been filling the pages of design magazines of late, but never fear, even if your thumbs are more black-mani than green, we’ve found plants that are low in fuss, high in fabulous and will always love you back. Scroll for tips on choosing the right plant for the right space, some gorgeous green interiors and some must-have prods to fill your space. Enjoy!

By Sienna Maill


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