5 ways to create an impressive entryway, no matter the size

Come on in.
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Is there anything better than walking into someone’s home and feeling instantly at ease? Your front entryway is the place you greet guests, so making a good first impression starts there. 

No matter the size of the space you’re working with, creating a welcoming atmosphere that reflects your personal style and the décor of the rest of your home, begins with a few key elements. How do we know this? We asked an expert, of course. 

“Creating a beautiful entry at home not only sets the tone for your visitors, but for you, too,” says Canberra property stylist, Julia Roos, from Mode Modern interior styling.

Using Julia’s advice, you can design a beautiful foyer that exudes a sense of your personality and the vibe you want in your home. And we’re not talking knocking down walls… Making a statement with a unique piece of artwork or staying organised with a pretty console tipped with decorative trays – you can implement these ideas in a snap, no matter the size of your space or budget you have. 

Below, Julia’s 5 entryway decorating ideas guaranteed to make a big first impression.  

1. Take a step outside

A beautiful entry starts before you have even walked inside. Consider your front door and what it looks like from the outside. Wherever possible, a plant in a pot is a great way to greet your guests. 

For those of us who love a bit of colour, consider painting your door. This can transform your entry completely – but be sure to choose a colour that makes sense and connects with your interior palette.

Minette Hand via @apartmenttherapy
Calimia Home via @mydomaine
Michelle Berwick via @mydomaine

2. Minimise the clutter

Remove all clutter inside your front door. The entry can often be a dumping ground for items coming and going from the home. Removing unnecessary clutter works to create a calm and inviting space, which is exactly what we all need to come home to.   


3. Function first

Whilst we want our entry to be beautiful, it is essential that it is functional. This means a useful console to put things on (think a beautiful bowl for keys, handbag, wallet), or a bench that can be used as a seat for putting on shoes. 

Cathie Hong Interiors via @mydomaine
Jess Bunger for @emilyhendersondesign

4. Let your personality shine

Above your console or bench, I always suggest a large-scale artwork to set the scene and make a great first impression. Choose something that really speaks to you and gives your visitors a taste of your unique style. 

If artwork is not suitable, a mirror is your best bet. Entrances can often be small, and a mirror will always create an illusion of space and light – not to mention great for those last minute outfit checks as you leave the house (refer to Tip #3 – function first!).

Marisa Vitale for @apartmenttherapy

5. Greenery. Always!

An entry is never complete without greenery of some kind. A plant sitting on your console or on the ground next to your bench is the perfect touch. And for those who like freshly cut greenery – a vase with seasonal florals is always a winner.

If I don’t feel like buying flowers, I’ll forage greenery from my backyard instead – leaves of any kind will work, you’ll be surprised at the impact it can have! 

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