Everything you need to build a study space you’ll love (and be productive in!)

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It’s a new year! Well, a new financial year… But it’s as good a time as ever to clear out the clutter and create yourself a new study space. An office area that inspires and facilitates work you do at home can be a wonderfully calm, productive place. We’re here to help you build a space that’s as functional as it is beautiful. Get inspired with these images, products and totally user-friendly tips.


What’s the main function of your home office? Is it where you run your business from, a space to start to your entrepreneurial journey, a little nook where you dream of writing a book or a place you keep on top of your finances and holiday bookings… Whatever the function of your study, it’s important to first decide the main role of the space. This infers its size, location and how much storage you’ll need.

If you don’t have a designated room for your office, don’t be discouraged! Your dream study can be carved out of space you didn’t know you had, or maybe it becomes an element within an existing room.


The right desk will serve as if it was built just for your needs… oh wait, it was! The desk you choose will dictate your style and the feeling of your office space. Will it be elegant and minimalist? Does it include storage? Will it seat one or two chairs? Next, the chair…

Depending on the amount of time you spend at your desk, it’s important to prioritise comfort and support. If you’re not planning to spend consecutive hours sitting at your desk, and you choose a harder chair that you adore, add a sheepskin rug or beautiful cushion for support.


If you can’t situate your desk near a window, which is the ideal location, ensure that you’re giving yourself suitable and enough light. Low-lighting strains the eyes, so the additional lamp or candle will make a world of difference.


When it comes to organising your home office, be brutal. If it doesn’t fit in with your new idea for this space, throw it or give it away. If it’s a must-keep, go back to step one and think about the purpose of your space – where does it belong? This is your space – make it work for you!

When you’ve got a collection of things you need to create your dream office space, consider how you want your storage to look. Remember: you’re more likely to put things back if it’s easy to do so. Forget the boxes within boxes, or complicated filing systems, go for easy, simple and labeled.

Here’s some organise inspiration to get your create (and neat!) juices flowing…


Here is the really fun bit. Bring on the designer stationary, the *impossible to kill* beautiful indoor plants, add some beautiful wall art enjoy making this space special. Consider the details like the waste paper basket and the mantra you want on your wall. Every element can represent you and your aesthetic, we know it will be beautiful.


This is the most important step, and the one we hope stays with you. You are creating this for you! If you love a space, you’re far more likely to want to use it and maintain it. Know yourself and promote productivity. Even if that means splurging on some fancy florals or a gorgeous candle.

Our last tip… Remember to clean up at the end of the day: the power of starting the day in a clean and beautiful space is not one to be underestimated.

By Sienna Maill


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