Everyone’s talking about using black in your kitchen…

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Considering the colour black has been defining the world of fashion for lifetimes, it is not surprising that it’s made a very serious move into our homes. In fact, it’s kind of exciting…

We’ve used it in our wardrobes for years, so why limit it to just fashion and not embrace the full excellence of black’s magic? It’s a forever classic, the colour of elegance. Black exudes dramatic sophistication and clear confidence. And it brings the same level of stylish sophistication when used in your home.

If you haven’t seen / thought about / lusted over a black kitchen in the past few months, brace yourself for a revelation. In perhaps the most unexpected room of the house to see deep, dark shades, a black kitchen is the interior design trend de jour.

Black, not dark…

It may seem bold, but embracing black in the kitchen does not mean forgoing light and detail, au contraire! If styled correctly, a black kitchen will encapsulate the same class and elegance that made us fall in love with the colour in the first place.

How to style it

Black is most successful when paired with a contrasting colour or texture to create balance. White need not be your default kitchen colour, but used as a highlighter to lighten and enhance details. Raw materials, such as timber or raw bricks, like Canberra Reds, will introduce an organic feel, whereas using luxurious metals inspire a moody elegance.

The warmth of neutrals and rich materials can soften and contrast beautifully against high-gloss black finishes, so be inspired by detailing in unique ways. With an endless range of textures in onyx, olive and charcoal tones, you can introduce an unexpected warmth to your space.

Making it work 

As in our fashionista lives, black goes with almost anything and thus any interior style. Whether your go-to style is French country, industrial chic, Hollywood glam or minimal elegance, there is a black kitchen for every stylish woman.

We’ll let Christian Dior have the last word in support of our black obsession: “You can wear it at any time. You can wear it at any age. You can wear it for almost any occasion. I could write a book about black.” Christian, so could we.

By Sienna Maill


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