An interior designer’s guide to creating a chic gallery wall

Because white walls are boring.
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If you’ve ever attempted to create a gallery wall, you’ll be familiar with three things. One: it’s not easy. Two: preparation is key. And three: drawing on a wall in pencil is okay as long as it rubs off easily…

Using a collection of beautiful and unique art to decorate a plain wall is a styling technique that works in any room of any house or apartment. A gallery wall adds instant interest to a space, infusing colour, adding a focal point and most importantly displaying your personality and design ethos. The display can be as simple as a collection of artworks, or as detailed as to include photos, drawings, postcards, typography, ceramics, textured pieces, framed jewellery… the options are endless.

Before you kick off your DIY wall gallery project this weekend, check out these tips from Canberra interior designer Natasha Lee, from interior decorating company Mint & Maven. “Incorporating a gallery wall into your room design is the easiest way to break up a colour scheme and create a space with greater depth and interest,” she tells us.

Scroll for more of Natasha’s tips, plus chic inspiration and, cute and affordable prints to shop. 


Getting started

Okay, so you’ve poured over hundreds of cool interior design images for inspiration (where would we be without you, Instagram), but actually starting your gallery-wall project feels daunting, what with the sourcing, positioning, hanging etc. According to Natasha, it starts with a colour wheel.

“An all-white colour scheme is my preference and really the perfect blank canvas to display your art works on, but if that is not for you, you can have any wall colour as long as you make it coherent, thinking about the main colours you want to see and choosing your art works accordingly.” 

Work outwards

First, find a centrepiece. “The easiest ways to curate a gallery wall is to find a centrepiece to act as the anchor for the arrangement,” says Natasha. “This can be a piece of art, a photograph, or a print.”

Next, plan your arrangement. If you’re going for an eclectic vibe, arrange them on the floor in a way that looks cohesive. Try different combinations until you settle on something that feels right. If an ordered, symmetrical look is more your style, Natasha recommends cutting out frame templates and spacing them out using blu tack on the wall. “Measure the pieces carefully before hanging to get even spacing,” she says.

Need more inspo? Check out some ideas for themed gallery walls below, as well as some places to shop for prints.  

Go for a symmetrical style


Brighten up your bedroom


Go floor to ceiling


Choose an unexpected room


Sometimes less is more


Select a colour theme


Span the corner of a room


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