15 outfits to take you from winter to (almost) spring

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Guys, is it nearly spring? We don’t want to jinx it but it feels like there’s some warm weather coming our way… And not soon enough!

Transeasonal dressing can be tricky, especially in Canberra where icy mornings giveway to warm afternoons, which are followed by arctic evenings… It can make choosing an all-day outfit a challenge.

But before you embark on a wardrobe crisis and throw all your winter gear out, take some inspiration from these chic women who have all nailed transeasonal-wear. We’ve complied 15 street-style looks that tick all the right boxes. Copy the looks with items in your existing wardrobe, or keep your favourite pic in mind when you hit the shops this weekend.

Before you dive into an all-spring wardrobe, make some small changes to your winter-wear. How? Here are some ideas…

Hold onto your dresses

Who says long-sleeved dresses can’t work in spring? Paired with laced flats or heels, they’re warm-weather ready.

Colour change

Lightening your colour palette is the fastest way to warm up your existing wardrobe. For office wear, swap your plum / navy / charcoal silk shirt for a fitted white tee but keep the rest of your outfit in place. Or, for the weekend, swap dark knits for an oversized white shirt.

Take it slow

Pull out your favourite spring top from last season and use it with an outfit you’d usually keep for winter. Example: an off-the-shoulder top, paired with tailored wide-leg pants and heeled boots. Or, try a spaghetti-strapped cami under a blazer and mid-length skirt.

Let your legs out

Knitted tights and opaque stockings have retired from your wardrobe for the year, but don’t say goodbye to your boots just yet. Team over-the-knee boots with a mini, instead of a midi, but keep your blazer or coat in check. Just the hint of skin gives the green light to spring.

It’s all in the selection

For the office, swapping your boots for kitten-heeled pumps or strappy heels can make all the difference to an outfit. Pantsuits or all-one-colour outfits make a transeasonal statement with just a simple shoe swap.


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