The product every Canberra girl needs to survive winter

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Put away your lightweight lotions, ladies, winter is here so it’s time to pull out the big guns. And by big guns, we mean ultra-hydrating, moisture-replenishing, heavy-duty creams. Because as Canberra girls we know how harsh the next few months can be on our skin. The icy winds, complete lack of moisture and close proximity to indoor heaters mean one thing: dry, dull skin. And no one wants that.

As with most things, prevention is key, so we turned to leading Canberra make-up artist Lesley Johnston to find out her go-to skin saviours.

“Just about everyone has dehydrated skin in Canberra,” says Lesley, “which is mostly due to the lack of humidity in the air. Come winter, we’re all feeling the effects of the dry, cold air.”

Swapping out your regular facial product for a more nourishing one is the solution. Here, Lesley shares her recommendations on the creams to get you through the cold months, as well as advice on how best to use them.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm

This product can be used as a daily moisturiser or as a one-off hydration mask. Fragrance free, it suits sensitive skins as well. 

Dr Dennis Gross Hydra-Pure Intense Moisture Cream

This moisturiser has the most beautiful silky feel on the skin and absorbs to leave no residue, leaving you deeply hydrated but without the greasy layer you can get with other creams. It also is great for soothing redness associated with dry skin. 

L'Occitane Shea Ultra Rich Comforting Cream

One of the most highly rated face creams for dry skin, this has a lovely mild scent and very rich texture, leaving the skin feeling hydrated and protected.





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