The make-up mistake most Canberra women make

Canberra make-up artist, Lesley Johnston, has spent countless hours applying make-up to the faces of Canberra. Weddings, special events, magazine shoots – she’s been up close and in the make-up bags of loads of local women. So when we caught up with the creative talent, we asked her what the most common mistakes she sees the women of Canberra making. And it surprised us.

Lesley tells us when it comes to make-up shopping, many women feel intimidated – and it’s preventing them from getting the right advice. “Many cosmetics shops fill their stores with young, beautiful women who are very knowledgeable about make-up, but it can feel like you don’t belong. Many women feel intimidated by the whole process of shopping for make-up,” she says. “I have clients who exclusively shop online for make-up just to avoid the stress of going to a store.”

Lesley’s advice is to remember one important fact: you’re the one with the power! “The assistants may know more than you but it’s to your advantage so you can get the best product for your needs. You’re the one purchasing so you have the power to say no, yes, or ask if you can take a sample home first.”

She’s so right! Almost all make-up and skincare stores now have a customer focus, so instead of worrying about not knowing your way around a mineral primer or a luna night oil, use it to your advantage. “Walk in there, sit down with the consultant, and start a conversation,” says Lesley. “Ask to be shown what could work for you and buy the things you need or like. Flipping the mindset of ‘I don’t know enough’, to ‘I’m going to get the consultant to show me’ will dramatically change your shopping experience.”