Is Kevyn Aucion’s best-selling mascara worth the hype? An investigation…

Also, tubing mascara explained.
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The longest hunt of my life has been the search for the perfect mascara. By this point, I feel like I’ve tried pretty much every mascara under the sun and have hated almost all of them. I can still remember the high school days of looking like a panda, with black smudges constantly around my eyes and having teachers tell me to go clean up my face because it was so bad… All I have ever wanted is a mascara I can put on in the morning and not have to worry about ever again.

Here enters Kevyn Aucoin’s The Volume Mascara, the ‘best’ tubing mascara on the market…. apparently. 

Kevyn Aucoin, The Volume Mascara, $43

Product snapshot

What is it: A tubing mascara with lash-building fibres to volumise and lengthen your lashes, while being flake and smudge free, for al-day wear.

Cost: $43

Key Ingredients: Volume building fibres, to length, separate and thicken every lash; and Jojoba oil to condition and hydrate every lash.

Pros: No smudging, no flaking, creates long and natural lashes and wears brilliantly.

Cons: Not volumising and takes a bit of effort to build up, expensive.

Where can I buy: Mecca Cosmetica or Mecca Maxima

Kevyn Aucoin, The Volume Mascara, $43

What is a tubing mascara and why do you need it?

Tubing mascaras are completely smudge-proof mascaras. Unlike regular mascaras, which coat your lashes with pigment, tubing mascaras are designed to wrap each individual lash in a water-resistant, tube-like polymers. Once it has dried on your lashes, nothing except warm water and a gentle pull will make these tubes part with your lashes. A good tubing mascara won’t smudge or flake, meaning you can wear it all day without having to worry about ending up with black all over your face.

As I mentioned, pretty much every mascara I have tested out smudges under my eyes, even waterproof. I started using tubing mascaras a couple of years ago and they were a game changer – no more smudging, no more panda eyes, just occasional flake face. Kevyn Aucoin is the most expensive tubing mascara I have tried so far, so I had high hopes. 

The wear test

I have decently long lashes (according to every make-up artist that has ever done my make up…) so I tend to opt for volume mascara to add flair and thickness. I wouldn’t describe this as a volumising mascara, but rather a lengthening mascara.

The wand is thin and perfect for lengthening, but doesn’t help with thickness. It does take a lot of work to apply and build up, which is frustrating when I am running late in the morning, but the pay off is worth it! I love how it seems to coat each lash individually, so you don’t end up with clumpy spider lashes, but rather natural-looking lashes. Does it create falsie effect lashes? No, but it is perfect for long, fluttery lashes for day to day!

Out of all the tubing mascaras, this wears the best. While they often claim to be flake free, I do find that they leave black flakes on my face throughout the day. This does not. At all. It doesn’t budge, at all. It looks almost as good at the end of the day as it does at the beginning of the day, as you can see in the after and end of day photos. Other tubing mascaras have never lasted as well as this one and it was something I thought I would have to sacrifice in order to have something that didn’t smudge. Kevyn Aucoin has changed my mind. On that day, I ran a bunch of errands AND worked out, AND got caught in the rain AND it lasted that well. No smudging, no flaking, no panda eyes and my lashes still looked good.



So is it the best mascara on the market?

It depends what you want. If you want huge lashes that look like falsies, then no. You probably won’t love this. On days where I want something bigger, like date night for example, I will often apply a different mascara, then go over the top with a tubing mascara to reduce smudging.

If you want natural looking lashes, don’t want smudging or frequently have issues with mascara running, then you will love this. I prefer a natural lash, so it has definitely become my go-to mascara. I don’t know if I can go back to another mascara now. It’s by far the best tubing mascara I have tried. 

Cheaper alternatives?

I know that this mascara isn’t in everyone’s price points and there are some good tubing mascaras that are comparable. I wouldn’t call them dupes as they don’t wear quite as well as The Volume Mascara. They are definitely not as long wearing. Some flake off or just wear away leaving you with basically your natural lashes at the end of the day or are a bit more clumpy when applied. In saying that, they are still good and are much more affordable. 

Poni Cosmetics White Knight Mascara is a good option if you want a little bit more volume as it has a dual brush design to give you both length and volume.

My other go to is the ModelCo XtendLash, which retails from $17 at Woolworths (but is frequently on sale, so I rarely buy it full price). It doesn’t last nearly as well as Kevyn Aucoin or White Knight, but for the price point, it’s really good for an every day mascara. 

The White Knight Mascara, $32

ModelCo XtendLash, $20

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