A step-by-step guide to 3 new hairstyles

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Stuck in a hair rut? Here are three styles to add to your repertoire. We spoke with Joey Scandizzo, three-time Australian Hairdresser of the Year and Co-Creative Director of ELEVEN Australia, for his advice. He shares three party-season styles, along with tips on how to guarantee a flawless finish every time.

Check out Joey’s step-by-step guide to a textured pony, braided up style and loose waves below, and finish the 2016 party season with style.


This is a fantastic and relaxed look that compliments so many necklines and works well with hair accessories or statement earrings.

To achieve this look…

  1. Apply Miracle Hair Treatment and Sea Salt Texture Spray to damp hair: this combination will smooth down flyaways and create the texture you’re after.
  2. Blast dry hair with your head upside down for added volume.
  3. Section your hair in two, separating the top and bottom.
  4. Secure the bottom section with an elastic in a tight ponytail.
  5. Take the top section and back comb the roots to create volume and texture.
  6. Using your fingers, tame the top section down over the existing ponytail and join the top section to the pony with an elastic.
  7. Gently pull some hair out around the front for softness.
  8. Finish with spray to keep everything in place.


Braids are a modern way to wear your hair up. Incorporating a variety of different braids and textures amps up the look and gives your hair more of an edge.

To achieve this look

  1. Apply Miracle Hair Treatment and I Want Body Volume Foam to damp hair to detangle and create manageability while adding volume – the perfect texture before you begin to braid.
  2. Blast hair dry.
  3. Section your hair into two sections, from the front to the back where a headband would rest.
  4. Secure the back section into a high ponytail with an elastic.
  5. Twist the ponytail around until it twists back on itself creating a bun and secure with pins.
  6. Create a side part in the front section.
  7. On the side with the least amount of hair, create 3 small tight braids.
  8. Take the ends of the braids and pull them up, incorporating them into the bun by twisting around, secure this with pins.
  9. Use the palm of your hand and rub all over the braids encouraging flyaway ends and a soft finish.
  10. Finish the look with spray.


This is a great way to style your hair if you are wanting to wear it out – the volume and texture gives the style longevity to take you from daytime to evening.

To achieve this look

  1. Firstly apply Miracle Hair Treatment to damp hair (the UVA and UVB filters will protect your hair).
  2. Then apply I Want Body Volume Spray to damp hair to create that desired bounce
  3. Blast dry with your hair upside down until it is 80% dry.
  4. Use a large round brush to finish blowdrying and create a wave through the mid-lengths and ends.
  5. Shake out with your fingers and finish with more I Want Body Volume Spray for a dry, textured look.

Hair in all images styled by Joey Scandizzo, photographed by Andrew O’Toole. 


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