You know what, stop thinking that you can’t have glowing, soft, clear, supple skin. Because you can. Yes, it will take a commitment but – no matter what your age – you can achieve better, brighter skin and a healthy glow (thanks for the inspo, Bella).

So, how. We all know the basics: moisturise daily, don’t sleep with your make-up on, protect you skin from the sun… But occasionally – like during the brutally cold, windy, dry, icy Canberra winter – our skin requires something extra. Like a visit to a professional.

Enter Canberra’s top beauty salons. We spoke to five facialists to see what they recommend doing to manage the damage during winter, and start you on a fast-track to healthy, glowing skin. Here’s what they recommend.

By Talia Liolios

Fab Face & Body, Kingston

Natali recommends their Sothys Ampoule Facial, $120, 60 minutes.

“This facial is designed to treat the specific needs of your skin, using an ampoule, which is infused into the skin using the Sothys unique Crystalline cream and a relaxing massage. It’s suitable for all skin types, as the facial is tailored to your particular skin concerns.

 Winter would be the ideal time for this facial because it nourishes the skin, protecting it against the harsh winter climate.”

Lindsay’s Beauty, Chisholm

Lindsay suggests their Intensive Optimal Therapy, $100, 90 minutes. 

“Optimal Therapy acts to perfectly soften lines, tighten facial features and relax facial muscles – it’s an absolutely amazing treatment. It’s perfect for aging skin in need of anti-oxidant care or young skin damaged due to over exposure to extreme elements. It’s suitable for anyone over 28 years.” 

Four Leaf Beauty & Massage, Braddon

Marie recommends the Hydrating Deluxe Facial, $130, 60 minutes.

“Our hydrating Facial is our most popular because it’s great for both men and women, and is suitable for all skin types. Importantly, in winter especially, this intensively hydrating facial swiftly treats the epidermis. It moistures, softens and smooths the skin with collagen and creatine to revitalise skin cell energy and protect from premature ageing caused by stress and environmental influences. Herbal extracts with amino acids aid to calm and refine the skin.”

Sibu Beauty, Crace

Samantha suggests their Age Smart Regeneration, $115, 75 minutes. 

“I would recommend our Age Smart facial treatment because most people are concerned with ageing. It brightens and resurfaces skin which help fight visible signs of aging such as pigmentation, age spots and wrinkle lines. Your skin will feel revitalised, areas around your eyes will feel smooth and protected by rich nutrients. The treatment works best on people 30+ but it not for sensitive skin.”

CC Beauty Centre, Weston

Lucy recommends their Essential Deep Cleansing Facial, $95, 60 minutes.

“The deep cleansing facial is tailored to each skin type and is good to do going into each new season or every month if possible. It deep cleanses the skin leaving it hydrated and smooth while completely clearing dead skin cells with a mask.”