Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook COO), leaves her office at 530pm. Every night. What?! She’s at the table, having dinner with her kids at 6.00pm, according to MyDomaine.

Meanwhile, Arianna Huffington, Editor in Chief of AOL, Huffington Post Media Group, ensures she gets enough sleep (a feminist issue, she says) by leaving her electronic devises outside of her bedroom and reads a book before going to sleep.

How does fashion designer Vera Wang unwind of an evening? She treats her bedroom like a sanctuary. Presumably no children’s toys or dirty washing littering her floor…

Read the full story, The Nightly Routines of 15 Successful Women, including more tips from some of the world’s most powerful women. And lets all try to switch off tonight. Instagram doesn’t count though, right?

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Sheryl Sandberg, photo by Norman Jean Roy for Vogue + Arianna Huffington, photo by Janice Turner for The Times  + Vera Wang, photo by Evan Sung for Vogue