The ultimate non-touring gals, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid (Tumblr)

Are you onboard with the contouring technique? You know, where you use highlighting products to subtly enhance the shape of your face. It was made famous by the (some say over contoured) Kim Kardashian but has been used by make-up artists for years.

Well, good news to those who have missed the contouring boat. It’s over, apparently, and in it’s place is the new trend of non-touring.

So, what exactly is non-touring? It’s a more low-maintenance, minimalist look, think lightweight products, healthy, fresh-looking skin and a more breathable, clean finish. Glowy, not shiny. Bright, not sweaty.

But, before you get too excited, don’t assume non-touring requires little-or-no effort – like it’s trickier big sister, non-touring requires the right products and techniques to deliver an equally flawless result.

Another big plus of this trend is that it’s more breathable – both in appearance and feel. No more rich, heavy foundations: non-touring is daylight friendly and will take you all the way through to spring and summer thanks to it’s lightweight appearance. Foundation, after all, should be light and complimentary – never noticeable.

If you’re guilty of subscribing to beauty channels to learn the techniques behind applying highlights and lowlights (who isn’t?) then here’s a slightly-tweaked version we found from celebrity make-up artist Renee Sanganoo that makes the non-touring technique a breeze to pick up.

Happy highlighting!

Step 1: Choose a primer

This step will result in a long-lasting look. Choose something suitable to your skin type but nothing matte. Your skin should have a luminous glow after applying.

Step 2: Smooth your skin

The next step is about evening out your complexion without resorting to your regular foundation. A tinted moisturiser or a BB cream will be enough coverage; otherwise spot problem areas with a concealer.

Step 3: Highlight your face

As you would in the contouring process, smooth on your highlighter but don’t apply any of the shadowing techniques. You want to highlight where the light would hit naturally on the high point of your face, including on top of cheekbones to make them look bigger, under defined brows, down the bridge of the nose, and on the cupid’s bow to accentuate that pout.

By Talia Liolios