The Ribbon Chapel, by Tokyo-based architect Hiroshi Nakamura, gives new meaning to the words “wedding venue”. Set on the grounds of the Bella Vista Spa & Marina hotel, in Onomichi, Japan, the building is not only a dream-like place to be married, but the architecture tells a romantic and idyllic story.

The intertwining staircases, which cross paths at several points to provide support for each other, are designed to be symbolic of the unity that matrimony brings.

“Just as two lives go through twists and turns before uniting as one, the two spirals seamlessly connect at their 15.4-metre summit to form a single ribbon,” said Nakamura.

Picture this: the ceremony begins on the ground floor, and ends with the the bride and groom walking on sperate paths, meeting on the platform at the top, which overlooks the coast. Wedding goals? We think so.

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