We’ve all seen photos of celebrities wearing over-the-knee boots in every variety, it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Not that we’re complaining! You can’t avoid this winter-appropriate look, and why would you want to? They’re stylish and practical, particularly through these bitter, cold months.

In whatever shape, texture or heel height that suits, there’s a style here for everyone. While the trusty black leather is a sure-fire hit and will guarantee to get you through multiple seasons, why not try something a little different: icy grey suede, spike-heeled denim blue, or a detail for extra style points (we love a tassel!).

We’ve picked out our favourite flat and heeled boots for you to choose from. Check out these 16 styles, some are even on sale – bonus!

Betts Bardot, $139.99

Betts Nixon, $119.99

By Anita Kell