This. Is. Genius.

American beauty company One Two Cosmetics have launched a new product that might just revolutionise the way you think about false eyelashes.

What’s the most annoying part about wearing eyelash extensions: the glue, right? It’s all in the application. Sticky fingers, tweezers, applicator wands… Say goodbye to them all. The new One Two Lash product is held together with magnets. Magnets!

Here’s how it works. Each lash splits into two rows: a top and a bottom, which are placed around your natural eyelash line. They’re connected by – you guessed it – a magnet. It’s tiny, but it’s a whole lot easier than lash adhesive.

Once you’ve lined up the bottom and top rows, you simply squeeze the rows together and you’re done: insta-lashes. You can apply your make-up immediately, and if you want to take them off or redo them, there’s no messy glue to deal with.

Now the bad news… you won’t be able to get your hands on them until November when international shipping starts. So mark it in your diaries! The first round sold out fast in the US so they’re sure to be a hot-ticket item once the rest of world gets a go.

Check out the how-to videos, and loads more about this nifty new product, at One Two Cosmetics.