Jessica Alba, image via Forbes 

For (only) the second year, US money magazine Forbes has released a list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women. While the regulars are all there – music moguls, e-commerce entrepreneurs, Oprah Winfrey – there are a few new entries and unexpected list-makers that are worth a look.

This year’s list of girl bosses featured 13 new faces, including Jessica Alba: actress, mum of two and founder of The Honest Company, which provides safe and effective family home products. They don’t currently ship to Australia but we wish they did. Jess was #42 on the list of 60 women.

Sophia Amoruso, image via Forbes 

At #53, another new entry: businesswoman Sophia Amoruso, founder and CEO of NastyGal. If you don’t already know her story, her rise to super-girlboss is amazing, a true rags-to-riches story (from hitch-hiking and foraging for food in garbage bins to Forbes’ rich list…) She heads up the globally successful shopping destination, which grew from her vintage clothing store on eBay. She’s also the author of New York Times best-selling book #GIRLBOSS, which chronicles her rise to the top.

Taylor Swift (#60) is the youngest on the list at 26 years old, while 34-year-old Beyoncé (#56) is the other young-and-wealthy songstress. Also hanging with the under 50s crew is Sheryl Sandberg (#14) COO of Facebook; Sarah Blakely (#17) founder of Spanx; Susan Wojcicki (#40) CEO of Youtube and Google; and Toni Ko (#57) founder of NYX Cosmetics.

Taking out the #1 spot is roofing (yes roofing) supply company founder Diane Hendricks, #2 is the unquestionable Oprah Winfrey, #3 is computer programmer Judy Faulkner who created a health-care system that revolutionised how doctors exchange patient records, #4 co-founder of all-American brand Gap, and #5 Johnelle Hunt (who dropped out of uni to marry her high-school sweetheart), the co-founder of a trucking and transport company.

For the full list, check out Forbes.