It’s no secret that scrolling through instagram is one of our favourite pastimes here at onthecover. The abundance of interior designers, architects and photographers posting shots, makes it the ideal place for inspiration. We’re spoiled for choice – home after home, room after room, limitless images to suit any and every style.

If you’re thinking of heading into 2020 with a new vibe at your place, but you’re unsure of where to start, we’ve narrowed down the endless options to 20 beautiful rooms. And there’s something for everyone.

Love a clean space? So do we. But while a truly minimalist look makes for a magic photo, for many of us it’s just not the way we live our lives. The beauty in many of these rooms is how the collections of our lives is displayed with absolute style and joy. By grouping colour tones together, and layering in textures, your spaces can have a sort-of individualised freedom – with you as the common thread.

So dive into these 20 amazing rooms and get ready to screenshot. Remember, there’s no need to start from scratch, you decide where to add the fun and where to keep it sleek and simple. Or just ignore the rules and buy the hot pink chair…

By Sienna Maill