The 2017 SS fashion weeks left us inspired – our hearts, dreams and wardrobes are ready and the creative juices are flowing. So how are we decorating our home this season? Enter the authority on all things colour matching, trends and inspiration: Pantone. The trend-forecasters have spoken, and we’re listening.

With their somewhat psychic gift, Pantone present their colour predictions each year for the world of aesthetically minded designers, stylists, interior decorators and editors to behold, worship and, undoubtedly, imitate. And this season promises to be a blast.

At first glance, the colour collection may seem a little out there – earthy tones meet primary colours? Please explain… But there’s a level of timeless edge and sophistication in this year’s palette, as opposed to last years (we’ve seen enough pastel pink to last a lifetime!).

There are 10 colours in total predicted to be “it” shades for the season, but let them be a springboard for inspiration, not a swatch pallet to use. Yes, the kale-meets-hazelnut combo is a classic, and colours like Fame and Primrose Yellow do equal fabulous possibilities, but it’s the selection of divine blues that has our inner styling goddess in her element.

Island Paradise, Lapis Blue and Niagara have caught our eye and we can’t get enough of them. They may be bold, but traditionally blues are calming colours, and in these crazy times, we all need a little calm, right?

If we had to choose only one, it would be the soothing Niagara. Its soft, grey tones make it an elegant choice to promote relaxation and serenity. Consider it for a bedroom space or as an overall theme colour, it’s distinct but not overwhelming en mass.

Lapis Blue is probably the queen of bold. She’s sexy and the centre of attention in any room. So girl, be brave and cover the walls! Or if you feel like coming back down a little closer to earth, she’s the perfect highlight colour for your accent chair or artwork to bring out the best in your space. Like your favourite jeans, Lapis blue can go with anything, any room, any style.

Island Paradise, the colour of our dream holiday, seems like an especially brave choice from Pantone. Yes it’s tropical but there is something a little royal about this colour. Stunning as a feature, think outside the box, with tiling or as a shadow line. Beautiful as it is, we suggest caution coupled with consideration when dabbling in Island Paradise. Unite with muted tones or deeper blues (Niagara and Lapis Blue are perfect), there are too many disaster stories that have butchered turquoise to the interior designer. But we have great faith in its Renaissance. Don’t fear it, but be inspired by the following inspo.

Need some ideas? You’re in the right place. Here are 12 ideas on how to use this year’s Pantone blues in your home.

By Sienna Maill