Confession: we spend a surprising amount of time lusting over styled-to-perfection interiors. Thinking about the how and when and why not… And there’s one material that consistently features in our fantasises. It’s a trend that brings automatic chic into your home and one that will never go out of style.

The timeless sophistication of marble ensures it is no one-season fad. But, without buying a new bench top / bathroom / house, how to do you use the gentle style in your home? Hints. Pair it with timber for warmth and contrasting textures, greenery for a fresh flavour or a chunky knitted throw for softness. Introduce marble as a feature to ignite dead space or celebrate a favourite one. Don’t be afraid of bringing natural dark tones of stone into your space either – white marble with its black veins is, of course, stunning, but a black stone has a defining elegance that is transforming.

Why shouldn’t you come home to the luxury that is marble? Here are some options and ideas to get the look in your house.

Words Sienna Maill