If you haven’t read The Girl On The Train, the addictive thriller by British author Paula Hawkins, go and do so. Now. Like right now. Because it’s good – really good. And you better read quickly because it’s already been made into a movie, which is out later this year (you won’t need more than a couple of nights to read this one though, it’s the very definition of a page-turner).

In the same vein as Gone Girl, The Girl On The Train is a stellar read: smart, surprising, seductive and fast-paced, with a love-her-hate-her lead character. Also like Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn, it’s written in a way that lends itself to the big screen.

The movie, which is due out in the States in October (presumably Australia will follow soon after), stars Emily Blunt as the lead, and if the preview is anything to go by, it’s going to be incred. Nightmares probable, never riding a train again: guaranteed.