We’ll admit it. We’re open to giving just about anything a try when it comes to make-up and hair trends. But this new little handbag must-have isn’t so much a trend, as something we (along with the rest of the beauty world) predict is going to by-pass trend and move directly to beauty-bag staple.

The cushion compact was tipped as the biggest thing in beauty for 2016, and with more and more brands jumping on board and launching their own versions, it looks like it’s going to live up to the hype.

Essentially, it’s a small compact housing a sponge that’s soaked in liquid foundation. It’s applied with a cushion applicator, which you dab onto your skin in a stamping motion. The results? An airy, light and even application without the mess.

Born in Korea, the birthplace of many game-changing products (like BB and CC creams), the cushion compact is one of those “how can we not already own this?” products.

It’s ideal for everyday make-up use: the foundations are light-to-medium in coverage, but can be built up for heavier coverage.

The gotta-have-it element of these is in the ease of use: it’s super convenient to carry with you and apply (no dripping, pouring, hand washing etc), and the application method is unique.

The cushion compact comes with only one warning from us: be diligent about cleaning the applicator. Wash at least once a week with warm, soapy water to avoid bacteria taking up residence.

So, what’s next? Word on the street is that a cushion compact blush is on it’s way next… stay tuned!