With autumn all but over, and a long, grey winter ahead of us, we’re embracing the care-free bohemian style of a Moroccan summer. Capture the essence of summer (while tucked up in your Ugg boots, of course) by channeling Moroccan vibes in your home.

This trend inspires the whole home; it’s fresh and organic, and feels instantly inviting. Sticking to a more earthy, monochromatic palette, modern Moroccan style emanates simplicity while bringing a much-needed warmth to your interiors. Think bright whites and natural textures contrasting with touches of inky blacks.

Channel this palette into your furnishings and finishes: what you lack in colour, make up for in details. Choose a lavish bohemian lounge and surround with plants and cushions. Or be more item-specific: a pompom adorned throw, a stunning geometric pendant, and a rattan woven occasional chair will transform any space.

Modern Moroccan inspires a sort of minimalism that’s a bit looser, more fun and just the right amount of cozy. This trend is where laid back meets sophistication, it’s the kind of overall feel that allows your day-to-day life to go on but makes everything just that little bit better.

By Sienna Maill