Full disclosure: Kate Moss is our obsession. We were obsessed with her in the 90s, and we still are today. She’s the embodiment of style, in every way, so when we heard she was doing the interiors for a house in the UK, we couldn’t wait to see what she came up with.

And she didn’t disappoint.

The Barnhouse is a five-bedroom development in the Costwalds, set in the middle of a forest of silver birch trees. The home, which is available to rent as a holiday house, sleeps up to 12 guests. In partnership with design and development company YOO, Kate pasted her ultra-cool style all over the interiors of the property. And you can see her in everything from the royal blue and mustard velvet sofas to the monochrome striped wallpapered kids room and the opulent outdoor pool area and entertainment space. It’s so cool, and it’s so Kate Moss.

Images via Vogue Living and YOO.