If you’re heading to Sydney for the long weekend, (which is kinda un-Canberran of you… cause, you know, Canberra Day) make time to try this place. The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar in Redfern. They serve premium and unique blends of tea – I mean, more combinations than you could ever possibly fathom.

But it’s the interior styling that’s garnering most of the attention… Designer Matt Woods (who is all kinds of amazing, check him out here) turned an industrial space into this warm, light, Japanese-inspired masterpiece – and they serve tea!

Here’s a sampling from the menu.

SUMMER FLING LATTE: A flirty pine-lime splice with a hint of coconut.

BANANA SPLIT LATTE: Sweet, antioxidant laden rooibos with decadent banana and a hint of caramel.

STRAWBERRY SKINNY: Slimming mulberry leaf and real strawberry pieces.

The thing is, it’s hard to concentrate on the menu when the interiors are so interesting.

Images, and more about Rabbit Hole, at Deezen.

The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar
146 Abercrombie St, Redfern, Sydney