Image by Jessie Bush, We The People

World-renowned psychologist, couples counsellor, relationship researcher and author John Gottman has written many fascinating books. The Relationship Cure, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work and, most recently, The Man’s Guide to Women. He’s spent 40 years researching exactly what goes into building and maintaining healthy, strong relationships, delivering science-based answers as well as real, step-by-step advice.

His research encompasses all relationships – spouses, partners, siblings, children, even colleagues. He believes the same principles that go into creating a harmonious, long-lasting marriage can be adapted to any other kind of relationship.

He spoke with Business Insider about the three factors he consistently finds present in healthy relationships, and we think it’s worth a read.

We all know that investing the time it takes to get to know the other person is a building block of any relationship. The same should go for a professional connection! Knowing that the people you spend a lot of time with, even in a professional environment, care about and are interested in you and your life enriches the relationship immensely. So, show interest! You may just find yourself enjoying the work day more because of it.

Be Appreciative
Communication is key to every healthy relationship, that’s no secret. In particular, expressing gratitude and authentic appreciation has a transformative sort of power to bring those warm fuzzy feelings you feel for those in your life to the forefront. Don’t be shy; everyone appreciates a little nod of appreciation and acknowledgment now and again.

Find the Time
You don’t necessarily need to initiate a date night ritual with your co-worker, but you’d do well to transfer the regularity of them to your office relationships. Whether that comes in the form of taking a daily morning coffee walk or weekly lunch, carving out the time to regularly check in establishes a mutual commitment to staying connected.