Okay, so we’re not talking about a teardrop, we’re talking about brows. Beautiful, big, bold brows. It’s a treatment called feather touching, it’s semi-permanent and the results are pretty amazing. Is it for you? Talia Liolios finds out.

We all know finding a trustworthy eyebrow stylist is almost as hard as finding a babysitter you are confident about leaving your kids with. For a semi-permanent investment like feather touching you need to know what you are getting yourself into before you find yourself leaving the salon looking like Oscar the Grouch instead of Cara Delevingne.

What is feather touch?
Anyone reading this has undoubtedly spent a fortune on waxing, sculpting, plucking and preening, not to mention dip brows, pencils, liners and gels only to fail at perfecting that elusive bold brow tick. Feather touching involves a process called micro-blading, which is a stroke-by-stroke method of boosting your brows with what looks like natural hair strokes rather than the solid block of colour.

Is it for me?
The most incredible thing about micro-blading is that almost anyone is a suitable candidate for the procedure – whether it’s a subtle colouring you’re after or a complete remodel. It’s the solution to over-plucked brows you thought would one day return but are still waiting for. It perfects the definition of the arch on already full, lush brows, and most importantly the best results can be achieved on candidates seriously lacking in the eyebrow department.

Before/after via Sibina Brow Art

What’s involved?
If you’ve done a quick Google search, it’s obvious to see that results vary depending on the person. Micro-blading is completed in two sessions: the first takes around two hours and the second appointment is to allow for deepening or lightening of the strokes to achieve the most natural looking mix of faux hair.

The second visit is usually held around one month after the first but this may vary depending on how quickly the skin takes to heal. If your new look is something you are unable to get used to after the first session, you simply don’t go ahead with the second appointment, which makes the process semi-permanent – the colour will completely fade after a few months.

Selecting a shape
The first step is drawing the shape with removable pencil. At this stage, the artist and client decide on a shape together, with the client getting the final say, of course. A box is drawn around each brow marking the centre point, and a measuring tape is used to note where each brow will start and end.

Applying the dye
The art of feather touching is all in the stroke; direction and length of the stroke are key to a natural-looking result. A row of needles is used to hand-draw each brow hair; the shorter the stoke the more it looks like hair and less like eyebrow pencil.

Next a dye is applied to each row and the colour is absorbed into the semi-permanent incisions on your skin. If a mistake is made during the micro-blading process the artist can avoid filling it with dye – so it’s pretty hard to get wrong!

Similar to tattooing, differing skin types take to pigment differently. However, feather touching is not as big a commitment as a tattoo because the needles cannot cut; they simply pluck up the skin and drop the pigment into the follicles. The process is relatively painless but can cause discomfort in some cases. Slight scabbing is not uncommon and it’s important to use an antiseptic cream and remember not to apply any makeup or beauty products to the area for four days after treatment.

Like a long-term investment in a classic pair of leather winter boots, this beauty solution comes at a price. Starting costs for the procedure are at the $550 mark (some charge as much as $1000), and you’ll get a good 12-18 months of defined brows before they need to be retouched. Feather touching is only a semi-permanent procedure and based on the rate of your skin cell turnover the colour is eventually pushed out.

Before/after via Lana Tarek Eyebrow Specialists

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