It’s amazing what a show about violence and dragons can do for a career. But lucky for 29-year-old English actress Emilia Clarke, the world just can’t get enough of it. The popularity of Game of Thrones, in which she plays Daenerys Targryen, has put her on a fast track to success. And with a very different, very tear-jerking film coming out next, it looks like her career is going from strength to strength.

Me Before You, which hits screens later this month, is a heart-wrenching story of love, in which she stars with Sam Claflin (remember his as Finnick in The Hunger Games?). The set, unlike that of her previous film Terminator Genisys, was a female-led affair – female director, female producers – and it’s based on a book by Jojo Moyes.

She spoke with the author for UK Harper’s Bazaar about many things, one being the inequality of working in a “man’s world”.

I’m normally surrounded by dudes. Doing Me Before You meant I didn’t have to be continually proving myself in a man’s world, having to try and force people to listen to me. I’ve got a really strong mum. I was brought up thinking that men and women are equal. It’s only as I’ve got older that I’ve been like: ‘Mum! What the f…? Why are they treating me differently because I’ve got a pair of tits?’”

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