The Cannes Film Festival for 2016 has wrapped up, and with it the celebration of fashion has come to a close. The glamour has been first class, the celebrity factor has been intense, and the sex appeal has been all-out. (We’re still thinking about Bella and Rose in those red dresses!)

Here’s a final wrap of the best dresses (and suit) from the red carpet.

May 13: Blake Lively

May 14: Blake Lively

May 17: Chloë Sevigny

May 17: Kim Kardashian

May 17: Kristen Stewart

May 17: Kristen Stewart

May 18: Bella Hadid

May 18: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

May 18: Chinese model Liu Wen

May 19: Karlie Kloss

May 20: Charlize Theron

May 20: Alessandra Ambrosio

May 20: Elle Fanning

May 20: Kirsten Dunst