Upgrading the appearance of your hair is easier than you might think. It doesn’t involve an expensive salon treatment (although that would probably work too) and it doesn’t involve a wig (or a hat). The key is in a little bottle labelled: treatment. Dry, damaged hair looks dull and unhealthy; moisture-rich, smooth, nourished hair reflects light and shines.

The other essential ingredient is time. Leaving a treatment to soak for longer than the time it takes to shave your legs is crucial because (amazingly) the minute you wash it down the drain, it’s healing power is gone. If you have the time (you’re lucky), get out of the shower, wrap your head in a hot towel and leave it in while you clean the house, cook dinner, whatever.

We chatted with Paula Hibbard, from De Lorenzo. “Leave-in moisturisers protect the hair from the elements, UV degradation, lubricate the hair shaft to aid detangling, add shine and improve manageability,” she says. “Every type of hair should use a moisturiser but particularly if your hair is longer than about 7cms as the natural oils don’t travel that far to provide the lubrication and protection.”

A few notes: use your treatment after (not instead of) your regular conditioner, and choose the type of treatment wisely, they’re not one size fits all. Leave-ins won’t work for oily hair, masks aren’t appropriate for everyone, blondes go for a blonde-specific product.

Below, a few treatments to get you thinking.