Did you catch this last night? Is Your Brain Male Or Female? is a fascinating doco exploring the real differences between the brains of men and women. Is “typical” female and male behaviour wired into our brains from birth, or is it a product of the cultures we grow up in? Dolls vs trucks, hunter vs gatherer, nature vs nurture: it’s all investigated in this thought-provoking doco.

It’s another program by Dr Michael Mosley, British journalist and BBC presenter – you might know him from the well known “blood sugar diet” (or the 5:2 diet), which he bought into popularity a few years back. Also presenting the show is Professor Alice Roberts, a British anatomist, author and broadcaster. With a biography that’s far too impressive for a 42 year old (a pHd in paleopathology?!), she’s an impressive woman to say the least.

Carve out some time tonight and check it out. Watch Is Your Brain Male Or Female on SBS On Demand.

More about Dr Michael Mosley here, and Professor Alice Roberts here.

Dr Michael Mosley, via bbc.co.uk

Professor Alice Roberts, via alice-roberts.co.uk