With the return of Offspring after it’s far-too-long hiatus, Asher Keddie (and Nina Proudman) is thankfully back in our lives. Since we last saw Nina on our screens, a lot has changed for the 41-year-old actress. Mostly, the arrival of her son, Valentino, in March last year, as well as a new husband (artist Vincent Fantauzzo) and step-son Luca, 6.

But all that change hasn’t slowed her down. She’s back and on the cover of the new issue of Australian InStyle. In the interview, she speaks openly and honestly about her “crash course in parenting” and that intense, packed-with-emotion first year of motherhood.

“It’s full of challenges and it’s a rollercoaster, emotionally and physically, and there’s no point in lying about that because it is. It was challenging, but it was also the most full of love any time has ever felt for me … I wasn’t expecting it to give me so much purpose,” she tells InStyle.

The gorgeous pics, in which Valentino joins his mum on set, as well as the full interview, are in the August issue of InStyle, on sale today.

Image Hugh Stewart for InStyle.