Rug up your kids with one of these winter wardrobe staples from some of our favourite mini brands.

Country Road Button Knit Cape, $79.95, Corduroy Skirt, $49.95

Seed Striped Sweater, $54.95

Cotton on Belinda Knit Jumper, $20

Tiny People Madison Jeans, $59

Rock Your Baby Hepcat Sweatshirt, $55, Heavy Metal Jeans, $59.99

Huxbaby Cross Smock Dress, $49.95

Soda Shop Freshbaked Geometrix Shirt, $49.99

Tiny People Chantay Pants, $42

Country Road Stripe Button Knit, $59.95

Feather Drum Denim Maxi Skirt, $86

Bonds Kids Hoodie, $29.95

Cotton On Alex Long Sleeve Tee, $19.95

Seed Toe Cap Mason Boot, $69.95

Chi Khi Boxer Knit, $69.95