We’re not going to sugarcoat it: it’s freezing. And dressing for sub-zero temperatures and maintaining a fashion-forward approach to styling aren’t necessarily two things that go hand-in-hand.

But the winter dress is a fantastic option for your winter work wardrobe. We love it for many reasons. It’s an easy, chic, staple item that requires minimal effort but packs maximum punch. Pair a mid-length cut with knee-high boots, or mix and match your textures – think leather and knit, soft florals with a moto jacket, or bold geometrics with basic black.

Your safe bet is to stay with dark or neutral tones (we love charcoal or timeless navy) and pair it with a bright bag, statement necklace or bold blazer. It’s less about having a standout dress, and more about choosing a seasonal-appropriate piece that can be layered well.

Can’t find a style that’s fitted enough for your frame? Or worried the thick, knitted fabrics will add too much bulk? Choose a belted style, a ribbed fabric, go for a cutout option or pair your dress with a higher heel.

Here are 17 options to keep you warm and score you style points.

By Talia Liolios